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The Krapivinys Workshop


Everyone Can Draw

If you once visit our studio, you'll find out that the way to the art world is open to anyone who dares to try it. This way is bright and full of strong positive emotions.

Drawing courses

Are open both for children and adults without age restrictions. Here you'll develop necessary art skills and will find new ways of self-expression.

The studio is located in the center of Moscow in an ancient house in Sretensky parkway. It is three minutes walk from "Turgenevskaya" metro station.

Exclusive author's technique

Painting training

is based on a unique author's technique The curling line, which allows to open the creative potential of each student and to achieve successful results very quickly.


The curling line as Ariadna's thread will lead you from the first moment of your creative awakening to the zenith of true skill. Thanks to this technique any interested person can learn to draw.

The first work is a masterpiece

"The Curling line tecnique is a guarantee that your first work will be executed at high level. You can estimate it, if you take a look at the gallery of the first works of our students. Having made some pictures by "the Curling line technique, students can go on trying other techniques. They become capable to solve independently difficult problems of composition and master different art materials much easier. Thanks to the Curling line, entrants, preparing for art educational institutions, easily pass entrance examinations.

Individual Approach

Drawing lessons pass in a free, friendly atmosphere. The number of students working simultaneously in the studio ranges from 5 to 8 persons.

Drawing training

 is not only technical skills. During the lessons teachers pay much attention to the dialogue with each student, help to perfect artistic methods, open the secrets of skill, acquaint with art history, directions of painting and drawing, history of creation of world masterpieces.

Painting training

Is also an experience exchange between students. During the lesson they feel free, easily get acquainted and often become friends outside the workshop.

There is no strict schedule in the studio. Students organize the working process on their own, choosing intervals of breaks and their duration. It is possible to have a bite and regain strength in a cozy corner where you will always find a little table, sofa and a teapot with fresh fragrant tea.


Find out the exact cost ofdrawing lessonsby phone

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In addition to training, we make paintings and drawings in various techniques, illustrate books, create icons, graphic sheets, bookplates, posters, design projects, layouts, design metal products, do monumental painting, etc.

Pathway to university

We prepare applicants to art and drama educational institutions, and conduct studies taking into account the specific requirements for admission to a particular university.

We have, in particular, a large and successful experience in the following areas:

  • training for Stroganovka

  • Training for College after 1905

  • training for Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov


Tatyana Krapivina —

teacher of painting, drawing, art psychologist

A professional artist and teacher, she has taught in many universities. Works with all age groups of people (ranging from 3 years). Member of the Union of Russian Artists. Has developed a unique method of «a Curling Line» ", for which she has earned the title of an "Excellent public educator" and a higher teacher category. Has been teaching since 1977. Based on this technique, arose a direction of "SUIRE» (subjective-intuitive realism - the name, suggested by Olga Vasileva (Makarenko), a poet and an expert from the Russian State Duma).
Psychologist, art therapist (color correction), has participated in the governmental program "Street Children". Conducts active teaching in the studio. Used to do professional horse riding (1 st level in show jumping), was engaged in martial arts.


Kirill Krapivin —


Graduated from MGAHI named after 1905 , the department of environmental design. Currently studying at the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, the art metal department. Works as a designer, carries out orders for paintings and drawings, layouts, logos, design projects of displays, pavilions, interiors, metal products, etc.
Fond of martial arts


Some works:

Drawing training
Painting training
Other works are in the gallery section.
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